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What is a DRP?

The convenience of 'Direct Repair' Insurance Programs:

A DRP (Direct Repair Program) is an arrangement between Marshall Auto Body and your insurance company. We take care of gathering and transmitting the physical damage assessment information such as photos of the damage and repair costs, as well as explaining the specific policies regarding parts, billing, and claims handling for the Insurance Company. In exchange, we are able to begin repairs faster and complete repairs quicker with a higher quality than other shops that must wait for the insurance representative to get back to them and make the decisions.

DRP Programs afford higher levels of service, convenience, and warranty. This allows us to make the best decisions about the parts and procedures used in the repair.

• Decisions regarding quality and timeliness of repair are made by us which avoids delays or waiting for appraisers and adjusters to approve what needs to be done.

• Supplemental Billing is handled directly. This eliminates you having to pay for additional charges upon delivery and waiting to be reimbursed by the insurance company later.

• Because of our high standards and certifications, most Direct Repair Programs match our lifetime warranty with one of their own.

Other than filing the initial claim with your insurance company and giving us some basic information like your claim number along with the claim representative name and phone number, we can take care of the rest!

• While the quality of workmanship is guaranteed, the initial price and days to repair are not. We feel it is important for you to be aware of circumstances requiring scheduling revision such as additional damage found after teardown, along with acquiring additional parts necessary for repair.

• CAR RENTAL – We can arrange for a vehicle to be here for you at the time you drop off your car. Billing is setup directly between the rental agency and yourself. We do our best to arrange the vehicle of your choice however rental agencies make no guarantees as to the model of car provided.

There are a few critical items necessary to rent a car:

• A valid drivers license
• Credit card
• Claim number if insurance is paying for the rental.
• Rental agencies charge for gas so remember to replace the fuel you use.

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