Insurance Claims

Marshall Auto Body is the Preferred Direct Repair Referral Shop for most Insurance Companies doing business in Wisconsin. This enables us to start repairs immediately without waiting for time-consuming inspections and paperwork delays by direct billing to insurance carriers.

Our insurance relationships ensure that your claim will be handled in a prompt and ethical manner.

One of the special services you receive from us over other repair facilities is a higher level of administrative and claim handling of your vehicle repair. We have insurance claims specialists who know exactly who to call to keep things moving with your insurance claim.

It is our intention to handle every facet of the repair process for you once you have made a claim and secured a claim number. We welcome your questions and involvement as our customer. So please feel free, at any time, ask how things work. Also visit our FAQ’s page.

Marshall Auto Body works directly with insurance carriers who share the same goals in meeting customers' needs and maintaining long-term business relationships. These relationships ensure that you, the vehicle owner, receive the best service from both the insurer and us.

All you need is a claim number (if using insurance) and we'll do the rest. Use our 'Fast Claims Service' form to start the process without delay.

Below is a complete list of Insurance Company contact information for your convenience.